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OliVaylle Extra virgin olive oil that is pampered from tree to table. In fact, it’s the only olive oil in the world pure enough to be called Olive Nectar. With apologies to the old country, you’re about to experience the finest extra virgin olive oil in the world.

The OliVaylle Story
In the olive oil industry, the quest for quantity has left some casualties: taste, quality, health benefits.

“I thought it was time for somebody to say, ‘I don’t care if I have to lose some oil if I can make a better olive oil.’ That’s what we did, and we did it by breaking all the rules!” says OliVaylle Founder Jorge de Moya.

Trusting his own discerning taste buds and exacting standards, de Moya tested and rejected standard olive oil production techniques, ultimately inventing his own production process geared at every point toward extracting the highest quality, best tasting olive oil possible.

The end result is an ultra premium olive oil unlike any the world has ever tasted, which de Moya is confident will soon have the world thinking the Aussie way when it comes to extra virgin olive oil.

Founders Bio
Retirement from his construction company in the United States took Jorge de Moya to Australia, a new home, and a new business: OliVaylle™ Pty, LLC.

After a life-long career in civil engineering, de Moya dissected an olive oil production feasibility study from the State of South Australia, then spent three months traveling to and studying the major olive oil producing regions in the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and Spain. His travels led him to the conclusion that South Australia offers a perfect climate for growing olives and a prime opportunity for a new olive oil producer.

Backed by his family, de Moya began creating OliVaylle Estates in 1997. Wife Conchita joined de Moya in learning the process of creating premium extra virgin olive oil, improving it along the way. De Moya’s experimentation and attention to detail resulted in an innovative olive oil production process that is entirely unique in the industry, producing an ultra premium olive oil that de Moya confidently describes as the best in the world.

Unique Process
As a newcomer with a background in civil engineering, OliVaylle Founder Jorge de Moya refused to rely on long-held beliefs and practices in the olive oil industry, questioning everything, assuming nothing.

Analyzing every step of the oil extraction process and working to protect the oil from what he calls the “enemies of oil quality” (heat, oxygen, time, contamination, light), de Moya deconstructed age-old olive oil production standards and created an olive oil production process that is entirely unique in the industry.

Produced on the OliVaylle Estate from estate-grown olives within 6 hours of harvest, OliVaylle’s Olive Nectar™ is the very essence of pure olive flavor.

Quick Facts
Company: Founded by Jorge de Moya in 1997 to produce the best olive oil in the world, OliVaylle™ Pty, LLC is a family-owned olive plantation and olive oil processing facility in Telopea Downs, Victoria, Australia. OliVaylle’s olive oil production process is unique in the industry, creating an unsurpassed, ultra premium oil that OliVaylle calls Olive Nectar.™

Olive Oil from Australia: Similar in climate to the most prolific olive oil producing countries, southern regions of Australia are perfect for growing olives. Because of its high quarantine restrictions, Australia enjoys a lower rate of plant disease and pestilence than the more widely-recognized olive oil-producing countries, and excellent soil for growing healthy olive trees and olives.

About Olive Nectar
Nectar is defined as “the juice of a fruit, esp. when not diluted.” In classical mythology, nectar is described as “the life-giving drink of the gods.” We go to great lengths to produce an Olive “Nectar” that is the purest in the world; and we think the mythological gods would agree!

We call Olive Nectar™ “non plus ultra” extra virgin olive oil because, frankly, the traditional classifications of olive oil don’t reach a high enough standard to adequately describe Olive Nectar. Other olive oils on the market today classified as “extra virgin” can have free acidity levels (in plain language: measure of taste and health benefits) up to 0.8. Olive Nectar’s free acidity is only 0.08 – giving it a taste that is the pure essence of olive.

8 Absolutes
Born of OliVaylle’s quest for a superior olive oil unlike anything the world had ever tasted, OliVaylle’s Olive Nectar is the only olive oil that possesses all 8 Absolutes of Olive Oil Perfection:
1 Estate-grown olives from irrigated and enriched groves.
2 Mechanically harvested olives, free of contamination by human hands or top soil.
3 Processed within the estate from depitted olives.
4 Truly cold process: lowering the temperature to extract the best oil rather than raising it to extract more.
5 Processed in an oxygen- and temperature-controlled environment within 6 hours of harvesting.
6 Stored on the estate in insulated, thermally controlled, oxygen-free stainless steel tanks.
7 Estate-bottled in oxygen-free dark glass.
8 Packed and shipped in refrigerated containers.

Health Benefits
The better the olive oil, the healthier it is for you. With a free acidity rating of only 0.08 (other extra virgin olive oils have free acidity as high as 0.8), Olive Nectar contains high concentrations of anti-oxidants, which can:
* Protect against heart disease by controlling LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels while raising HDL (the "good" cholesterol) levels.
* Reduce blood pressure.
* Provide considerable protection against cancer.
* Lessen the severity of asthma and arthritis.
* Help balance the metabolism to maintain a lower body weight.
* Boost the immune system.
* Aid digestion.
* Provide added protection against osteoporosis, cognitive impairment, and skin damage associated with aging.

Storing and Maintaining Quality
Ensure that the last drop of Olive Nectar is as good as the first:
OliVaylle takes great care to protect its olive oil from the damaging effects of light, heat, and oxygen, and recommends that you do the same! Preferably, store Olive Nectar in your wine cooler and it will always be ready for immediate use. Otherwise, store Olive Nectar in your refrigerator between uses and allow 20 minutes at room temperature prior to use to gently bring the oil back to a liquid state. Keep your bottle of Olive Nectar corked at all times between uses.

Contacting OliVaylle
OliVaylle Pty, LLC
1851 Chappel Road,
Telopea Downs, VIC 3420, Australia

Reach us by Phone:
Reach us by Email: customerservice@olivaylle.com

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